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I worked more than 13 years for various bookmakers as an odds compiler and know everything about their course of action. No epoch-making or "brand-new" systems - just handmade quality selections.
This is a source of high-value sports betting information, not any kind of marketing sales page. You won't find here any ads, testimonials, advertising promises, tons of purchase buttons or winning screeners.

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Great, you came across and found the way to us. Feel free to explore our site and watch out what we have to offer. If you are interested to join our amazing Community, we are extremely looking forward to welcome you.

We prepared all information you need here on our website. We introduce ourselves, our service and what to expect here. If there are open questions, we also published an FAQ that should finally make everything clear. Contact us anytime!

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  • major markets, stable odds, profit-share on high level
  • high-quality analysis based on multiple factors
  • consistent profit by individual money-management
  • beating the books by advanced background information
  • expert knowledge about the entire betting market
  • professional odds estimation and value calculation

Top Frequently answered Questions (FAQ)

1What can I expect from "Brilliant Betting"?

We are a profitable and approved Service in delivering high-quality Sports Betting Selections. You can expect daily professional analyzed Sports Betting Picks from a well-experienced Betting Expert and one of the best Returns on Investment (ROI) available on the Tipster Market. We offer an unique all-in-one model. Selections, Support, Service. Every single analysis averages about 90 minutes of detailed research. So your daily selections are worth 3 hours of expert knowledge in total. If you are still searching the Source of Quality Betting Tips, you finally arrived. Welcome to our Community!

2How do I know the Betting Tips will be high-quality?

Our Betting Picks come with a Guarantee of Quality. Moreover we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to each Plan. If you are not satisfied with our Service or Content, you can claim a "no questions asked" Refund anytime. Just to let you know, our Refund Rate is under 2 % in the past 5 Years. Our Members are generally satisfied the Way how we let their Bank grow. Anyhow, you are able to claim a Refund for whatever Reason within 60 Days.

3When do I get my Picks?

Usually you will receive the Sports Betting Tips the same Day you joined the Community. Generally we will deliver our Picks at least 4 hours before Starting Time. If you can't place your bets one Day, please let us know. We kindly skip for you this certain Day and add an additional Day to your Membership. If you don't receive picks one Day, please contact our Member Support immediately to check potential issues on both ends. Please check your spam and junk folders before contacting us.

4Will you guarantee profit and will I win every day?

Yes, we guarantee you profit, but on long-term only (3months+)!
No, of course you won't make profit every single day, this is just not possible.

5What kind of bets do you offer?

Our Betting Selections cover Major US Sports and Major European Soccer.
• Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1, Champions League, etc.
We only deliver high quality Asian Handicap Betting in terms of limits and profit.
Single Bets only.

6Do you use a staking system?

We do. All of our betting tips will be provided with points from 1 to 5 in terms of staking. We don't work with €/$ or Units as a stake, we use points to make it as easy as possible. For each point you will stake 1 % of your bank.

7What betting size do I need to start off with?

We recommend the following table of minimum bank size, dependent on your subscription plan.
• Rookie: 1000€/$
• Pro: 750€/$
• Legend: 500€/$
The higher your starting amount, the more you are able to profit.
This recommendation is approved for years, please stick with it.

8Are there specific bookmakers needed?

No. Consider we offer Asian Handicapping only. We recommend to use an Asian Book, but you needn't. Check, if your current books offer AHC Bets and you will be okay. On long-term you most likely have to switch to at least one professional Asian Bookmaker in terms of personal Limitations and Wager Limits.

9How can I pay the membership fees?

We run a cooperation with our online retailer Paysafe Group, so we offer their common payment options only.
• Neteller
• Skrill

10Can I cancel my membership?

You pay only once for your plan. If you want to continue your membership, you have to renew your subscription.

Scott Adams

Founder, CEO, Betting Expert

Brilliant Betting became that successful I never expected. Beating the books for 8 years now, together with my awesome community, is a big deal and I love it!.

Jason Jenkins

Analyst, Professional Punter

I am glad of being a main part of Brilliant Betting. It's a platform I always wanted to cooperate with and being able to add my personal value. That's great stuff for me.

Rebecca Collins

Customer Care, Account Staff

Please contact me with your questions or issues whenever you want. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Brilliant Betting is one of the most approved & successful sports betting sources. We worked hard for years to build up our community and reputation to take a permament place in this business. Our expert betting picks are the main content we deliver, but there is more than just sending betting analysis to our members. Here we share some background information about our processes and other things worth knowing.


My total experience in sports betting business is 24 years by now. I crossed a lot of places to extend my knowledge and becoming a sports betting expert. Amongst others, I also worked for several bookmakers as an odds compiler. I know the business for more than 2 decades from both sides. The bookmakers end & the users end. I am able to add some unique value in terms of bookmaker insider knowledge. Now we already serve our members with the most profitable sports betting picks online for 8+ years. We are proud of helping people growing their bank with our service and we are not finished yet!

Just start from the top to meet us and find out every single information about me, my team and our service in detail.


Our results from the past 8 years here on Brilliant Betting average a yield of 17 %. We specify our profits in yield and points, because each bettor has a different betting size. There may appear a high variance on short term (days or even weeks). The longer you place our bets, the better and more consistent will get your results. Sports betting is not a 100 metres sprint race, it's much more a marathon for many months or even years. Nobody will get rich in one night, if you don't agree with this perception, please do not sign up with our service. We offer an investment case to profit from a yield consistently on long-term. This is not a lottery, please consider! If you share our point of view, you a very welcome to join our team.

Check our average stats from years of consistent sports betting here. Sports betting generally will get profitable on long-term only.


Our value is unique on the sports betting tipster market. We offer a high quality and quantity at the same time. 17 % yield in combination with at least 120 selections per month do result in a remarkable profit. Our broad portfolio that covers major markets only gives a huge potential regarding wager limits and odds in terms of stability. Despite the amount of our members you are usually able to catch the given odds, if you place your bets within 1-2 hours after delivery. Of course our service is not low at cost, but it is still one of the best valuable conditions you will find out there. In terms of performance, it is hard to find better quality than ours. First priority is & will always be: Offering the best selections on the entire tipster market!

Check our plans here. We recommend to select a membership of at least 3 months to receive satisfying and best possible results.


We care about our members through their entire membership on Brilliant Betting. There is full support in any concerns in terms of sports betting. We guide and attend everyone through their inquires, no matter if you are a raw reruit with no experience, an advanded or even a professional bettor with full knowledge. If you have any issues during your membership, or even if you are interested in our service and being not a member yet, contact us anytime. Our customer care is individual and personal. We reply in no time and face up to any concerns you confronting us. Rebecca is looking forward to help you out.

You can find our contact form here. Our office hours: Monday-Friday 11am - 7pm GMT | Saturday-Sunday 11am - 5pm GMT




We would be glad to welcome you soon in our Team.
We are by far the most known profitable Sports Betting Service online.
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  • NFL12%
  • NHL16%
  • NBA11%
  • MLB13%
  • European Soccer48%

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  • NFL21%
  • NHL16%
  • NBA12%
  • MLB17%
  • European Soccer16%

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Results can vary. All values are average results from years of consistent sports betting, which generally will get profitable on long-term only.

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